will my mother dog eat her puppy?!?

will my mother dog eat her puppy?!? - So me and my parents noticed yesterday that our old female walker dog is very pregnant. My mom thought she could of had puppies today but we didn't do anything about it. The reason I say that is because the mother dog is in a pen with 3 other females. If she was to have the puppies today the other females will eat them. I noticed this morning that her stomach was smaller so then i knew that she had the puppies and the other females ate them. But then i looked and found a puppy still alive on the ground that wasn't injured. I have been taking care of it but as a newborn it needs its mother. So we seperated the mother from the other females when we tried to put the puppy with her she tried to bite its had off so will she eat the puppy or was she trying to get it?

will my mother dog eat her puppy?!?

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